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Chris Meyer - Hunt for our Future

Chris Meyer - Hunt for our Future

Many of us grew up in hunting households where we were emerged in the lifestyle from the very beginning. Many of us, now have our own kids and are blessed to pass on the hunting heritage within our homes. But what about the kids who don’t grow up in hunting homes? Will they ever have the opportunity to learn about hunting? If we want to see the hunting heritage continue for years to come we need to reach, not only our own kids, but the kids who haven’t had the opportunities to explore the outdoors yet. Have you ever taken a child hunting, that isn’t your own?

Today’s feature goes out to someone doing just that and his name is Chris Meyer. Chris runs the Lil Titans Hunt for Our Future, which gives children the opportunity to go on their first big game hunt, free of charge. I personally know a child who participated in this program and it acted as a springboard into her first hunting season where she took a total of three big game animals. She’s only 12. Chris and a group of his hunting buddies, known as Titan Outdoors, started filming and producing their own hunting DVD’s back in 2006 and since have produced four different DVD’s sold in stores. This eventually led into the creation of the Lil Titan Hunt for Our Future camp, which we are going to learn about in a minute. But first things first, let’s find out how Chris was introduced to hunting himself, because I always enjoy a little background.

Hunting background…

What age did you start hunting and who introduced you to hunting?
I was introduced to hunting by my step father at the age of 13. With guidance from both my step dad and my grandfather I slowly found my niche in the hunting world and it’s been a blessing in my life ever since. It’s a blessing that I truly enjoy sharing with others. I did not have success notching a tag until several years later but even with no blood drawn during those early years I learned a lot and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

How did the introduction of hunting influence your teenage years?
Honestly, hunting had a very positive impact during my teenage years. It gave me something positive to focus on during some really rough times. Keeping my focus on something as pure as hunting and looking forward to each upcoming season kept me out of more trouble that I could have gotten in!

Lil titans hunt for our future…

What is the Lil Titans Hunt for Our Future?
The camp is designed to encourage today’s youth to get outdoors, get involved with hunting, help them learn and help insure the future of our great sport. I will tell you right now IT WORKS! Kids, 9 to 15 years old, who have never been hunting or have not yet had success while hunting are encouraged to apply. We select 10 kids each year to join us at the beautiful Four Aces Ranch in Ashwood, Oregon, for four days of family fun and hunting, completely free. The participants have the opportunity to hunt 3/4 to full curl rams!

Our goal is to provide the youth hunters with a fun and exciting adventure, teach them some hunting techniques & help spark their interest for hunting so that they continue to do so after the camp. Not only have we had over 30 successful youth hunters at the Lil Titans camp, but a large majority of the kids who have attended the camp have successfully continued on in their hunting careers with notched tags.

What was the driving force in creating this annual youth hunt?
Five years ago we went to South Carolina to film a youth hunting camp and ever since then we had wanted to do something similar here in Oregon but it wasn’t as easy to do in the northwest as it was in South Carolina. My good friend Jamie Dixson came to me with an idea to have the camp at Four Aces Ranch, owned by Caleb and Shantell Johnson.

With the perfect location, the driving force is to get as many kids as we possibly can off their phones, off the couch, out of trouble and into the woods hunting. We want to spark their passion for the great outdoors, help them learn & teach them things they can use in the field so they can not only enjoy this great sport but help provide food for their families from mother nature’s abundant grocery store. Top that off with putting a smile on their faces, along with their families faces… now that’s a driving force in itself.

What has been the most rewarding part of these youth hunts for you?
That’s tough because there are so many things! Seeing the kids get excited for hunting, watching them learn, hearing them say that they can’t wait for deer season or elk season… Having their parents come up to us in tears telling us that their kid just asked if they could deer hunt next season and how they never thought that would happen… Seeing how happy the kids are and how proud the parents are after their Lil Titan earns and successfully tags out on a beautiful ram… Seeing a wide variety of people all gather together at camp, joining together and having fun. It doesn’t get much better!

The Lil Titans Banquet is coming up on January 27th! Is this the primary source of fundraising for the Lil Titans Camp?
It is a large portion of it, but we have also been blessed with some amazing sponsors who have stepped up tremendously to support the kids and help make the camp is a success. Without them, we would not be here today.

I know it takes a village to run an event like this. How can we help or donate to the Lil Titans camp and the banquet?
Yes it does and we have again been blessed with a great team of people who help out wherever needed. Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated. You can contact me if you have a monetary or prize donation for the Lil Titans progam. Prize donors will get their name recognized on our social media accounts and monetary sponsors for the camp get recognized on our social media accounts and on the Titan Outdoors Lil Titans DVDs. Also, if you would like to attend the Lil Titans Banquet in Tillamook, Oregon, tickets are just $10 and the evening is filled with a catered dinner, lots of drawings, hunting stories and fun!

Why do you feel passing on the hunting heritage to our youth is so important? Hunting and just being in God’s country is a true blessing and sharing that passion is our responsibility. Today’s youth needs role models, structure and guidance more than ever and what better way to help them learn a lot about responsibility, life and conservation than through hunting and the great outdoors!

You can find Chris and much more information about the Lil Titans Hunt for Our Future, including how to apply, at the following social media accounts:
IG account: @chris_titanoutdoors
FB account: TitanOutdoors.com and Chris Meyer

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Sereena Thompson - Extreme Huntress