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Sereena Thompson - Extreme Huntress

Sereena Thompson - Extreme Huntress

My husband said to me in conversation the other day, “if you want something to get done, just ask a busy person.” This statement rings loud when I think about Oregon native, Sereena Thompson. Sereena is a wife, mother, avid sportsman, and is constantly volunteering with various groups that support wildlife conservation and of course youth in the outdoors. She is the co-founder of Natures Paint, an ambassador for Girls with Guns Clothing and she’s also a finalist in the Extreme Huntress Competition, happening right now!

I actually met Sereena last summer while she was instructing on the rifle range at Ladies Hunting Camp in Central Oregon. After the first night, she offered me a bed in her cozy trailer so I didn’t have to sleep in my tent alone all weekend. BLESS HER HEART. That’s the type of person she is. I could go on and on about Sereena, but I think reading her own words for yourself will paint the picture that I see. I hope that her words will inspire you to take a child out hunting!

Hunting background…

What age did you start hunting and who introduced you to hunting?
I started going on hunting trips with my parents when I was just nine months old. When I was old enough to hold a gun I started shooting for fun and hunting sage rats with my mom and dad. I began big game hunting when I was 12.

What’s your earliest hunting memory?
Growing up on a ranch in Southern Oregon, I have always been an outdoorswoman. I can vividly remember riding around in our gold, single cab, Chevy pickup truck looking for bucks and enjoying life. I knew from the very beginning that I was a hunter!

What were some of the benefits to growing up in a hunting family? Growing up in a hunting family taught me at a young age where my food comes from and how to harvest my own food.

It’s about the kids…

I know that you like to involve your kids in the hunting process as much as possible. What do you think they learn from this? What are your kids most excited about when it comes to hunting?
My kids love the hunting lifestyle and it is so awesome to see them just as excited about it as my husband and I. At the young ages of four and five, they already know where their food comes from and I am confident that if the situation arose, Wyatt (my five year old), could already harvest his own food and build a survival fire.

What kind of groups/events are you involved with that help pass on the hunting heritage?
I really try to volunteer as much as I can, especially with events for kids and women. I currently volunteer in the following ways and I’m working on a few more events I will announce shortly!
-Lead rifle instructor for the NW Ladies Hunting Camps
-Hunters Ed Instructor
-USA Archery Level 2 Instructor
-Raise ‘Em Outdoors

What advice do you have for other hunters, who are about to take a child hunting for the first time?
Be patient! They might be loud and you might not see a single thing, but that’s okay! It’s all about making it fun for the kids and letting them experience the great outdoors! Getting frustrated with them will only discourage them from living this amazing lifestyle.

Why is passing on the hunting heritage important to you?
Passing on the hunting heritage is important to me because our kids are the future! We never know what might come and knowing that my kids and the kids I help can efficiently provide for themselves is so important!

Extreme huntress…

How has your journey in the Extreme Huntress competition fueled your passion for passing on the hunting heritage?
Being in the Extreme Huntress Competition has taught me how important it is to pass on this hunting heritage. We need more positive influences in the hunting industry that work together to provide positive resources as opposed to working against each other!

What is one of the biggest learning experiences from Extreme Huntress?
There were definitely a few learning experiences within the Extreme Huntress Competition. I would have to say that the filming aspect and learning how it all works for a TV show was one of the biggest learning experiences. I’ve always just went hunting – ha! Usually if the opportunity presented itself for me to harvest an animal with the right shot then I took it. However, when filming, you have to make sure the cameras have good angles and that everything is perfect before you can take the shot. I’m just not used to that at all! 

I understand that public voting is going on right now for the competition! How can we vote for the next Extreme Huntress?
To vote for the next Extreme Huntress you can go to this link http://www.extremehuntress.com/main/2017-voting/ .
Make sure to confirm your vote via the poll daddy email or the vote won’t count. If you have ANY issues feel free to reach out to me via email at SereenaT@naturespaint.org or through social media. You are all awesome and I feel so blessed to have so much support!

You can find Sereena on FB and IG at the following:
IG account: @SereenaRThompson
FB account: www.facebook.com/sereenarthomspon


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